Bonnet is used for prevention of gasket destruction & entry dust & trash into the pipe.    

Bottom & Middle Shoulder

This product is used as Telecommunication PVC pipe retentive in canals.  


This product is used for fixing pipe & fitting outer surface. All our clamps have EPDM lining that cause to decrease sound.    

5 Layers Pipe

5 Layers Pipes are one of Our New Products.

Corrugate Pipes

Corrugate pipe: Corrugate pipe is produced in 4 sizes consist 90, 110, 160 & 200 mm for telecommunicate, TV hookup cable, building ventilation &… application. Corrugate pipe advantages comparison Corrugate pipe advantages comparison with simulator pipe: 1. Low weight 2. Cheaper price 3. Higher Ring stiffness 4. More resistance against brunt & external force 5. [...]

Solvent Pipes & Fittings

Solvent Pipes:   Solvent pipe is produced in variant size & diameter for water supply, non-pressure underground drainage & sewerage, building soil & waste discharge & telecommunicate application. Pipes specification describe is below:

Push-fit & Pipes

Push-fit Pipes & Fittings: systems cause to introduce push-fit systems that have more easiest & speed in performance & installation in addition to durability & strength. Push-fit system due to its exclusive advantages has continual insurance & make basal evolution in design & implementation of building’s internal drainage system.     Advantages of Push-fit pipe [...]